Sunday, November 14, 2010

Waukesha County Specific Rule Change

Normally, I try to make blog postings Wisconsin specific, not county specific. However, there has been a rule change in Waukesha County that will effect anyone paying or receiving child support under a Waukesha County order. If your child child support was established in Waukesha County Circuit Court, please keep reading.

Under the new Waukesha County Court Rule 3, Child support is STOPPED when your youngest child turns 18 years old even if he or she is in highschool UNLESS the parent receiving child support sends the Waukesha County Child Support Office a letter from the child's school "with a currently dated letter from the child's school, on school letterhead, that states that the child is enrolled and attending classees and the date of expected graduation. This letter must be provided to the child support office before the child's 18th birthday. A copy of the letter must be provied to the child support office and to any other party under the local five-day rule. Upon receipt of this letter and proof that a copy was provided to the other party, the income assignment for child support will be continued through the anticipated date of graduation, or to age 19, whichever occurs first."

A parent receiving child support MUST keep their address up to date with the Child Support Office, not just the Clerk of Courts, otherwise Child Support will not send a reminder letter to the right address. If you do not receive a reminder letter from Child Support, child support will be stopped anyway and you will need to file a motion or a stipulation signed by both parents to re-start child support.

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