Friday, June 19, 2009

Do I need a Prenup?

Whether a person needs a prenup is a question best discussed with a family law attorney. Having dealt with the question myself, I know it is not an easy one. In some ways, you learn more than you ever wanted to about your soon-to-be spouse simply because a prenup, commonly known in Wisconsin as a Marital Agreement, focuses on what happens to your assets in the event of divorce or death. It can also cover debts. It is recommended that the bride and groom each have a lawyer to draft and review the agreement. Prenups should be signed well in advance of the wedding day. If you are a couple weeks away from the big day, there is no need to panic. A postnup, which is also a Marital Agreement, can be signed after the wedding and have the same effect as a prenup (assuming your then hubby will sign it).

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